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Carers Support Mole Valley – who we are and what we do?

Who cares?

Across Surrey there are around 108,000 Carers and this number is increasing year on year.

The bulk of community care provided to those with a disability or long term illness in the UK is provided by family, friends and neighbours. Carers save the UK economy £119 billion each year; in Surrey this equates to £1.59 billion!

If you’re looking after someone – in an unpaid capacity – who has:

  • a physical or learning disability
  • a child (under the age of 18) with a disability
  • mental health problems
  • a terminal illness
  • problems with alcohol or substance, or
  • is elderly

then you are a Carer.

Being a Carer is challenging and is often a life-long commitment. Many Carers don’t recognise themselves as a Carer; they take on the extra responsibility of caring for someone else because they say ‘it’s what they do’.

Carers Support – Mole Valley cares

We are here for Carers across Mole Valley. Our team offers a free, confidential and independent service including information and advice (such as Disability Benefits); support for individual carers; a listening ear; advocacy; training and workshops for Carers.

We also organise outings and monthly coffee mornings so that Carers get a break from their caring responsibilities and it gives them an opportunity to meet other Carers so they don’t feel so isolated.

If you are a Carer and need help, call us on 01306 640212,
or send us an email
You can also find us in The Point, Lyons Court, High Street, Dorking, RH4 1AB